Office365 is a solution focused package designed to increase productivity and collaboration for corporate, and home users.

At AtlasCTC, we can migrate you to office 365 to benefit from a diverse array of features such as

  • Cross platform software available
  • Stay up and running, no matter what happens.
  • Data security and control
  • You can work anywhere at anytime
  • Get Organized
  • Predictable Monthly cost
  • Larger mailbox storage
  • No more licensing mess


Offsite Backup

AtlasCTC offsite data backup service offers the reliability of tape while offering a more successful and efficient method of backing up your business data. With little to no upfront investment and a scalable platform that allows you to purchase only the space that you need, offsite data backup offers a superior combination of reliability, convenience


·         More reliable backups

·         Easier management

·         Faster data retrieval

·         Minimise downtime.


Web Design

The web and social media shape is the first gateway into your organisation and affects   the waywe deliver our corporate image to our desired target market. Technology evolves at a furious pace, therefore we need to keep up with this constantly changing world by ensuring our website and social media portrays the right image about your organisation and brand.

At AtlasCTC, we understand the power of the web and social media as a result have created a team dedicated to catering for this very unique need for your organisation.   Every website is unique in its own right, therefore we will work with you from the very beginning to ensure the message is not distorted in design.

Our web design package has various options to choose from.  Please see options below:

  • Standard Site
  • Business Site
  • Deluxe Site

We also have one off design or fully managed site solution. Please contact a member of the team for more information.


Mobile Devices

At Atlas we are passionate about making the most out of mobile devices. We offer a number of services to make this happen such as: Mobile Device Management and Mobile App Design.




At Atlasctc, we have a fully managed Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.  Our system fully integrate with Apple’s education features (iOS, MacOS, Classroom App and Shared iPad) and deployment programs (Apple School Manager, Device Enrolment Program and Volume Purchase Program). We do not charge you an initial setup cost.


Mobile App Design


At AtlasCTC we can build an app that seamlessly connect and interact with your customers. This takes the customers experience to a new level.  It helps reinforce your brand, built loyalty and reduce the cost of paper newsletter.


This product adds value to your business by offering an alternative income stream or valuable tool to engage with customers.